The addition of a permanent vase on your loved one’s monument not only increases and enhances the monument’s presence, it also allows visitors to place their flowers in a safe, stable container that will not tip-over, blow away or fill with rain water and float the flowers out and scatter them.

Flowers placed into an attached vase also leave no doubt who the offering was intended to pay respects to. Sometimes, weather conditions cause flowers left in temporary vases to fall over, and then roll or blow substantially away from where they were initially placed. The cemetery groundskeepers cannot know where the flowers belong, and place them at an incorrect gravesite. 

A permanent, complementary vase can be added to any monument. In some cases, a second vase is highly desirable: to create better visual balance or to accommodate flowers from a large number of visitors.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about adding a vase to your loved one’s monument.