Ordering FAQs




What To Expect
When you have Stevenson & Sons Monument Co. attend to the details of your monument, you receive a complete complement of services including, one-on-one design, personalized artwork or drawings, porcelain photos and on-site cutting of final dates, when necessary. The stones are cut and then delivered to the cemetery where they are carefully and precisely placed. When the monument is fully completed, we will notify you so that you may visit the gravesite. Top^



Cemetery Regulations
Every cemetery has rules and regulations regarding the monuments that they will allow to be installed on their grounds. Please check with the funeral home that is handling your arrangements for the regulations that will pertain to your choice of monument or headstone. Top^



Our Engraving Guarantee
When you order a companion stone monument, which is a monument that will ultimately memorialize both a husband and a wife, Stevenson & Sons Monument Co. guarantees that the second person’s engraving work will be completed at the cemetery, no matter when the need arises. Top^



Using Your Artwork
Stevenson & Sons Monument Co. can often use your custom artwork when designing your monument. Artwork should be crisp and clear and of the highest resolution possible. All artwork must be approved by our engravers before we can commit to a final monument design. If we are unable to use your artwork, we would be happy to suggest or design something else to fit your needs. Top^



Monument Prices
The monument price will depend on the size and color of granite you choose. All monument prices include: Granite, Engraving on FRONT, Computer sketch, delivery, installation and cement foundation. Please use our order form to initiate the process of getting a quote on your monument. Top^



Monument Finishes
There are many different finishes to choose from on our granite monuments and markers.

  • Polished: Smooth surface – with a high gloss, mirror-like shine
  • Sawed: Smooth surface – with the non-reflective, muted look of the natural stone
  • Steeled: Smooth surface – appears lighter and frosted
  • Rock Pitched: Rough surface – hand-finished with hammer and chisel




Panel Types
There are two different panels that contain the lettering on the monument: The “Family Name Panel” and “Inscription or *”Epitaph Panel.” On an upright monument, the family name panel is often placed on the front, with the inscription panel placed on the back. Top^

Panel finishes can be steeled or polished:

  • Steeled panels will appear lighter than the granite color and not shiny
  • Polished panels will have a high gloss, mirror-like shine

*Epitaph – An inscription on a tombstone in memory of the one buried there