How To Order

There are actually many elements that must be considered when designing a monument. The list of these elements includes the type, thickness and color of the stone(s) used • will metal, such as bronze, be included • the font(s) to be used, and their sizes • will there be a photograph or vase(s) • the exact text and information to be engraved – and much more.

The Stevenson family has been helping families design monuments for their loved ones for many decades. That experience, which has yielded hundreds of beautiful, enduring monuments, is at your disposal whenever you require it. When you need to design a monument, you will get all the help and support necessary to make the decisions that result in a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Some information you will be asked to provide:

  1. What cemetery will this monument be installed in?
  2. What type of material and construction? Granite or Bronze? Base or a Slab?
  3. What Color Granite?
  4. Do you want to include a Vase?
  5. Do you need a double, single, or companion stone.
  6. What shape? Upright, Slant, Flush, Bench or Custom.
  7. What size? Granite comes in 6″ thick or 8″ thick.
  8. What text would you like to have on it?
  9. What artwork or photographs would you like to include?
  10. What do you want on the Family Panel? Dates, Names.
  11. Do you want to include an Inscription? Dedication, Legacy, Memory or Poem.